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Mayco Brushes

Mayco AB Acrylic Brushes link

Acrylic Brushes

Mayco CB Glaze Brushes link

Glaze Brushes

Mayco Reflections Brushes link

Reflections Brushes

Mayco Studio Tools

Studio Tools


Duncan Brushes

Duncan BB Economy Brush Kits link

Brush Kits

The convenient way to buy brushes for most any type of decorating projects.

Duncan TB Debut Taklon Brushes link

Debut Taklon Brushes

These brushes offer firm body and shape retention.

Duncan BR Discovery Brushes link

Discovery Brushes

Versatile basic brushes to discover the fun of ceramics

Duncan SB Signature Brushes link

Signature Brushes

Handmade, premium quality, red sable or badger hair brushes.

Duncan TL Tools link


The perfect tool for every task