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Orton Pyrometric Cones For Ceramic, Potter and Glass Firing Pyrometric cones measure heat-work
(the effect of time and temperature).

Pyrometric cones are slender pyramids made from about 100 carefully
controlled compositions. Each cone number is unique in measuring
temperature within a small temperature range (less than 30C). Cones
measure the amount of heat absorbed. As the cone nears its maturing
range, it softens and the tip begins to bend, drawn down
by the influence of gravity.

    Kiln Sitter Cones    

Box of 50:   $8.37
    Large Witness Cones    

Box of 50:   $11.70
    Self Supporting Cones    

Box of 25:   $8.37
Orton Cone Holder
3 Hole Cone Plaque


Junior Cone Holders
Junior Cone Holders
$4.49 - $4.27


Standard Cone Holders
Junior Cone Holders
$5.29 - $5.03